The Android gaming market is rapidly reaching saturation point, particularly in the large screen conversion. Ouya being the first, without a doubt the largest name and despite the fact that shipping has only recently started for their kickstarter backers – the most successful.

Bluestacks, the company that has brought a number of games from mobile platform to both Mac and PC has announced they’re launching the GamePop which is a subscription based, Android-type gaming console. Its intent is to bring the mobile games you know and love to your big screen at home and they’re going to charge you USD$6.99 a month for the privilege. The big advantage is that with the subscription, you get given the console and a single controller “free” through this month only. After this time, you’ll have to purchase the console and pay subscription fees with no word yet as to the outright cost of the console.

BlueStacks plans to market GamePop subscriptions directly from, which went live today. Their main site, the company announced for the first time today clocks 1.6 million unique visitors every month and growing. GamePop will also be featured on BlueStacks’ Facebook page, where they maintain a community of 1.2 million fans.

It’s to be hoped that BlueStacks understand that with the Ouya now in the wild, a mobile to large screen format console needs to be affordable unlike the days of $500.00 Playstations and Xbox’s.

Do we need another mobile to big screen gaming console? Is anyone actually going to pay a monthly fee to play games they have already paid for and own on an Android device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: GamePop.
Via: Droid Life.
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    Ouya = $130 xbmc/htpc… Pretty much the only reason I’ll be buying one