Samsung has recently released a new app called SideSync that allows you to use your Galaxy mobile device and your Samsung PC together, and now Samsung have released a video showing off some of the features.

SideSync will allow you to dock your phone to your PC and use your mouse and keyboard to seamlessly control both your phone and your computer together. The features include the ability to copy text from your computer and paste it onto your phone as well as automatically syncing photos and videos from your phone to your computer.

If you don’t have a dock for your phone, you can even use a virtual phone display on your computer and control it all that way.

I think the easiest way to explain it to just show you the video, but there is one thing worth noting; Sidesync is only compatible for Samsung PCs.

Source: SammyHub.
Via: Droid Life.
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Clarity Please

WOW, all that functionality IF I have a GS4 AND a Samsung PC. (Do Samsung make PCs?)

Anon Coward

Looks great!

Just a few things:
1. Let’s get the name correct: Side Sync, not “SideSync”.
2. “… Sidesync is only compatible for Samsung PCs.” I think you meant Samsung Android devices and not PCs.
3. Link on Samsung Apps:

@behelit, supported devices are listed on the above Samsung Apps link.


– Supported PC Models
. Global (Except Korea) : ATIV Book, ATIV Book Q, ATIV One, ATIV Tab
. Korea : ATIV Book, ATIV Book Q, ATIV One, ATIV Tab, ATIV Smart PC


I struggled with the name. In the Samsung app store it is called Side Sync, but in all of the promo material they call it SideSync. (Including the video)
No, I did actually mean Samsung PCs. You must have a compatible android device, but you must also have a compatible Samsung PC.


From the link you posted: “Side Sync is working with Samsung PC only.”


Pretty nice, hopefully this isn’t an S4 only thing and it comes to all phones

Sean Royce

I’m sure it will be available for a lot of phones.