If you’re a bit of a Sony fan and you’ve had your eye on the Xperia Z or the yet to be released Xperia Tablet Z, you might be a little excited over this new limited edition offer from Sony Australia.

As of 10am this morning Sony Australia will be launching a limited edition collection containing a pair of Sony NFC headphones, an Xperia Z and a Xperia Tablet Z.

Now don’t just think that you’ll just be getting a nice pair of NFC headphones with Sony’s flagship phone and tablet. If you do manage to get a One-Touch collection you will have the opportunity to select the colour and capacity of your device as well as having the collection personalised just for you.

The One-Touch collection will be available from 10am today, so if you are interested in getting one of these you had better be quick as they are expected to sell out by 11am.

Editor’s note: Having personally used the Xperia Z, and owning a pair of the MDR-1RBT headphones, I can personally vouch for the quality of these. I haven’t used the Tablet Z, however, but this is one top shelf collection. – Chris

Will you be considering getting the One-Touch Collection?

Source: Sony First 50 One-Touch Collection.
Via: Sony Australia Facebook Page.
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Clarity Please

Isn’t “One Touch” Alcatel?

Adam Ricket

It is, but it’s also Sony’s term for the easy connection between their NFC enabled devices


Too pricey. Could get all these from different stores and be ahead. Its only a limited edition box that they come in (which for most people wont be used once you take the devices out fo the box)

Greg McPherson

Purty. It’s 10:22am. Still there?

If the wife reads this… pop on down to the Sony Store, thanks hun.