Coming out of the Google I/O code labs are a number of tweets, both from official and participant sources that “within a few months” Bluetooth Smart (which you might know as Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE) will be pushed out to a large number of Android devices. What does this mean to the average user? Frankly, not a lot. It brings to Android a native API for compatible devices to access BLE devices, such as the FitBit One.

This update is goes hand in hand with the annoucnement that the Nexus 4 has passed Bluetooth 4 certification and is great news for people who are thinking about, or have already invested in other accessory smart technologies that rely on Bluetooth sync to their mobile for functionality. The lower power consumption of Bluetooth Smart will mean that with the increased battery capacities of devices, as well as the lower power consumption even heavy users should get a full day from their smartphone with devices attached like the anticipated Pebble smart watch.

The next incarnation of Google’s API has the documentation with all of the nitty gritty technical detail and the tools required for developers to start harnessing the power of this emerging technology.

Have you invested in some of the new smart technology accessories coming to market? What has your experience been with regard to battery life and functionality of the device? Let us know your experiences in the comments below

Source: Bluetooth SIG.
Via: The Verge.
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    David Anderton

    would just be good to have working bluetooth on my Nexus 4

    Chris Murphy

    Yours doesn’t work? Mines ok on cm10.1

    David Anderton

    Yeh I’m on stock 4.2.2


    On the verge of buying that creative speaker, or jambox. Reeeeeally want one, but more tempted if its going to be good on power consumption.