Wednesday , June 6 2018

Google announces Samsung Galaxy S 4 running stock Android


While Google didn’t unveil anything new for the Nexus 4, they did partner up with Samsung to announce the Galaxy S4 running stock Android 4.2 with a pure Nexus experience. As with every other Nexus device, updates will come directly from Google in a timely fashion in comparison to the staggered release from Samsung with their own TouchWiz interface.

The Galaxy S4 supports LTE, where the Nexus 4 doesn’t, however, it’s launching in the US only for now on the Play Store. There’s likely to be ways to go about getting it imported, so the price of $649 is going to be very compelling for a lot of people. The device becomes available on June 26th.

Buzz Moody  


  1. Wow….very nice! I feel sorry for LG as Samsung are their main rivals but hey that is capitalism for you.

  2. This is awesome, and completely surprising. Although I wish Samsung would fix their buttons.

  3. Could everybody stop whinging please. If you already bought a S4 you will be able to flash the new pure google OS. If you can’t buy this phone outside the USA get an S4 from a local carrier and flash the new google OS.

    Seriously, if you visit this webpage and comment on articles you have the skills to flash an OS on your phone.

  4. So with vanilla android, I’m assuming no exFAT support?

  5. Will it retain the SD card slot? If so, that’s a pretty big deal for a nexus device…

  6. I had no problems importing 2 Nexus 4’s from the the US using a third party shipping providers ( I’d be very inclined to jump on this, as I really want 4G / LTE.. baring it supports our networks.

    Also I won’t miss any of the samsung crap.. s-pen / hover / eye tracking.. it’s all a gimmick imo.

  7. I really hope they make this available outside of google play… as in from Australian carriers.

  8. I’ve always wanted a Galaxy without Samsung bloatware and this is it.
    Will this be the only Google phone for the next 12 months?

  9. but will it be able to do things like smart hover/scroll/etc..

  10. Is it coming to aus?


  12. Conan Thorogood

    WWWHAAAT?! *spits coffee everywhere*

    if this was widely available, that would be it. no one else would stand a chance.

    • Conan Thorogood

      although i have very little trust in samsung to not mess this up somehow.

    • This would appeal to a very small percentage of potential smartphone buyers, especially when you tell them they can have a S4 but it won’t have any of the features that they see in the Samsung ads. I think it’s a good move but mainly because it means that if you get any Snapdragon-based Galaxy S4, you’ll be able to get a fully-working AOSP ROM. I know there is the CyanogenMod option but honestly there is usually a significant lag before a stable CM version catches up to the latest version of AOSP, and honestly CM is not as good as most of the ROMs on devices with AOSP support (like Nexus devices).

      • Conan Thorogood

        yeah you’re probably right. i always assume people see samsung’s “features” for the half-baked gimmicks that they are, but of course that isn’t the case.

  13. I don’t believe it! If they bring this to Aus then I think I’ve just found my next phone!

  14. Damnit Google! Stop making these things US exclusive! I’ve been waiting for something like this for 3 years now!

  15. It will be better if core features of GS4 can be kept like multi-windows and dual camera.

  16. Can an existing GS4 be flashed to stock without voiding warranty? That would be cool.

  17. I really want one of these.

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