Star Fox Characters
If you’re a fan of the Nintendo game Star Fox then you’ll notice that the engineers over at the Chromium project are as well. A post from François Beaufort has pointed to a Chrome repository which lists some incoming devices named after the titular characters from the popular game, which have been added to the Chrome Build commit repository.

According to Francois, two of the devices Fox and Slippy are Intel Haswell based :

Here’s what we know for now:
– Falco, Peppy, Slippy and Fox seem to be all upcoming x86 platforms.
– Fox (the leader in Star Fox) was the first to have Haswell, the next Intel generation of processor microarchitecture.
– Slippy is also Haswell-equipped.

No information has been supplied with regards to additional specifications apart from the hint regarding processor, but the devices will most likely come packing more power than what was seen in the N64, perhaps they’ll include an aftermarket rumblepack?

Source: Francois Beaufort.