Xperia Tablet Z
Due out in Australia on June 6th, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z already has a lot going for it. Not only does the tablet look great but it also some powerful specs and the added bonus of being waterproof and Sony just made the Xperia Tablet Z just that little bit more attractive by adding AOSP support for the tablet.

Sony has posted the Android 4.2 build for the Xperia Tablet Z to Github for developers to play with, just as they did recently for the Xperia Z phone. The team at Sony does advise that the software is not intended for everyday use, it really is for developers so your usual Google Apps are not included and though most things work, you can most likely expect bugs.

Sony has been surprisingly open and welcoming to the developer community with their latest crop of devices. A trend which most people in the ROM community would like to see from other manufacturers. Check out the video below to see AOSP in action on the Xperia Tablet Z and head over to Github to check out the project.

Is Sony going in the right direction adding AOSP support for their flagship devices? Does this influence your buying decision?

Source: Sony.
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Being waterproof is so cool. I guess that means if I want to have a spa or a bath, and browse at the same time, I can! Cool! 😀