It’s been a rough ride for HTC the past few months, with slipping profits and issues securing components for their latest flagship device, but it appears that things are looking up for the Taiwanese based company; according to Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia, HTC will double their production output in May for the HTC One and continue to increase production through June in order to meet strong demand for their flagship device.

This turnaround in fortunes is definitely needed with HTC recently posting one of their worst quarters financially to date. HTC CEO Peter Chou, would also be welcoming this upswing in sales after he staked his job on the success or failure of the HTC One.

In our recent poll, it was found that the HTC One had a heavy preference amongst you, our readers with nearly 60% of responders opting for the HTC One over the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The true result of the HTC One’s success will be reflected in the Quarter two financial results in a couple of months. A number of people have a soft spot for HTC and they have definitely shown a flair for hardware design that some other companies seem to lack and we certainly wish HTC luck.

Source: Focus Taiwan.
Via: Engadget.
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Huey Nguyen

Not everyone has gaps in their Ones. But those who do, vary in the severity of the gap. I’ve had 2 devices both with relatively large gaps – large enough to be able to fit a sheet of A4 paper in it. They started seeing dust in the gaps too. My first device actually had dust under the screen too. My current one, is near-perfect.. no raised screen glass, no dead pixels/dust under screen, no aluminium/polycarbonate overhang, no scratches/blemishes on the aluminium, no stained polycarbonate and only the tiniest gap on the bottom but is not a deal-breaker.. But the… Read more »


Any info if they are fixing the gaps in the design? When that was pointed out to me it was a major turnoff

Piers McCarney

Seriously? (Nearly) Everyone that sees the phone in person since I got it just comments on how it looks and feels (positively).


Yeah it is impressive. But once the gaps get pointed out it kinda tarnishes it a bit. Not all of them have it but a lot of them do.

Piers McCarney

I suppose. One of those “once you’ve seen it, you can’t UNsee it” things.

Sean Royce

The gap is almost not visible unless you’re looking out for it very very closely.


That really depends on the device. I’ve been scouting this phone for a while, and I’ve seen perfect, no-gap handsets and others with very visible and obvious build quality issues. The inconsistency is the only thing stopping me from buying this phone.

Sean Royce

Maybe I’ll take a closer look next time, in the mean time, I’ll enjoy my Nexus 4.

Sujay Vilash

I have a HTC One but I can’t see any gaps. Can you enlighten me where they are and I will see if it is noticeable. Haven’t seen it yet so that says a lot.