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The Niantic Project - Ingress
Fans of the Niantic Labs game Ingress will be pleased to see that a second Novella has been released that further expands the story line from the game. Niantic Project: Ingress ebook (An Exotic Matter) is written by Felicia Hajra-Lee and covers the story of Dr. Devra Bogdanovich and her quest to uncover the truth behind XM energy in the aftermath of the events of Epiphany Night.

The Book is available in Google Play Books as well as through Amazon for Kindle and at time of writing, the Kindle version was actually cheapest coming in at $2.99.

The book includes an unreleased comic book by Tycho covering the events of Epiphany Night and looks to be a great read. For fans of Ingress this is pretty neat and with more and more Ingress invites becoming available the story is certainly getting interesting. For new Ingress players be sure to check out Google+ where many active Ingress communities are willing to help out new players in your local area.

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    Mobile Phones Fan

    Better still, a Niantic team member is sending a free ‘swag’ passcode to anyone who posts proof-of-purchase to his Google+ page. This code delivers the usual small payout in XM and AP, plus *several* L8 resonators and L8 bursters…a very sweet bonus. 🙂