When Google Hangouts launched last week amid the Google I/O fanfare, one thing that was notably missing was support for tablets. We all know that Android tablets do take a bit of a flogging, but the reality is there’s quite a number of them, and some are quite well loved.

Whether it was an oversight or a deliberate decision, the Google Hangouts app did not — initially — support tablets, and this was the source of much bellyaching, in addition to that which was already coming from the lack of integrated SMS/MMS. While SMS integration might not be coming all that soon, Hangouts does — as of today — support tablets, so all you Nexus 7 and other Android tablet users can now get in on the action as well.

I can only imagine the Nexus 7 would make a great device for use with Hangouts. Nice big keyboard for typing, and of course, a big glorious screen for video hangouts with your mates.


Will you get mileage from Hangouts now that its available for your tablets as well? Let us know.

Source: Android Central.
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    Alexei Watson

    my gf’s nex7 got the hangouts update notified the same day as I/O and I installed it on my hp touchpad through the play PC website that morning.

    My friend with a nex10 had no luck though.

    James Jones

    This be big news if hangouts was good…

    Alexei Watson

    You don’t like it? I’ve been using it a lot and i find it brilliant! Being able to select a group chat, and rename it – (i.e. I have on for a uni subject study group) is great.

    It could do with the SMS thing, and an ability to set a presence, but I’ve foudn it to be very very useful.


    Whatsapp does has the same feature as do a few other IM style apps.

    Hangouts needs a bit of work though. The iOS app is terrible and theres a few other notification issues ive found that need fixing up on Android.

    Not really anything that sets it above say facebook messenger as that can do all the same while being a little more refined. (im not saying its that great either)

    Depending on how sms is integrated it might be a gamechanger.

    Alexei Watson

    sms will be the decider, now, at best, it could become another widely adopted messaging app.

    with sms integration, it could replace the lot. including sms.

    I have no doubt that imessage would have already done this if it weren’t for the apple ecosystem.

    I’ve not got into whatsapp, but the benefit that this has, over whatsapp is that it will be pre-loaded in every android device. i don’t even have to check if my friend has it.. if they have android, they’ll get my message.


    you need a g+ account as far as im aware. Its hard to twist some peoples arms to sign up and try it out. Hopefully when they include sms that requirement will disappear (will be unlikely as they want people to use that service so that they can harvest your info)

    Sean Royce

    There needs to be an Ausdroid hangout!