Galaxy S4 Active First Look
The Galaxy S4 Active was first mentioned at the launch of the Galaxy S4 in Dubai, where President of Samsung Gulf Electronics Mr. Young Soo Kim advised that a ruggedised version of the Galaxy S4 would soon be available. Well, it appears that the phone is definitely real and from the looks of these pics – Red!

The pics come from GSM Arena who received a tip which also included some details on the specifications that would be included in the device. The CPU will be – at least on the model shown – a Qualcomm Quad-Core 1.9GHz with Adreno 320 GPU which would most likely be the Snapdragon 600, it will also have a 5″ 1080P display with ‘480ppi’. The major change will be the downgrading of the camera sensor from a 13MP to an 8MP sensor.

The ruggedised version apparently has a metal shell on the back as opposed to the polycarbonate ‘plastic’ of the original and everything is held together with some pretty serious looking screws on the back. Capacative buttons beneath the screen have also been replaced with hardware buttons.

The phone was reportedly showcased in Croatia, so hopefully an official announcement of the device is not too far off. We’ll let you know as soon as anything crops up. Head on over to GSMArena for full size pics of the Galaxy S4 Active.

Are you interested in a ruggedised version of the Galaxy S4 even with a lower end camera?

Source: GSMArena.
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    heaps better looking than a normal s4 now if they could just follow guidlines and get rid of the menu button and get them in the right order


    Don’t know about the red, but this design looks heaps better…Very happy with my HTC One though so don’t know if I’d have bought it over the HTC One.

    David Anderton

    I reckon it looks waaay better than the normal S4

    Dylan Xavier

    nothing worse than exposed screws.


    I disagree I like tech that is a little retro looking with screws in it you probably need to unscrew it to swap the battery thus saving the cover falling off if you drop it


    plus…It is just fitting to its rugged looks!!!