If you like your phones extremely large, then how about a Galaxy S4 Mega? The latest update to the Samsung TV Remote application ‘WatchOn’ included a line that hinted that the Galaxy S4 Mega could soon be on its way.


The update also mentions the Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 Active, which have already been pretty much confirmed although not announced officially. The ‘Whats New’ section in Google Play has now been amended to remove the mentions of the three models, but Ausdroid reader Jon was able to capture the screenshot above.

The Samsung Galaxy Mega line was announced last month and included two models, one with a 5.8″ screen and another which had a 6.3″ screen and LTE onboard. You’d be forgiven for writing this off but with Samsungs proclivity for releasing innumerable different phone models, it’s a distinct possibility the Galaxy S4 Mega could actually be real.

Would you be interested in a 5.8″- 6.3″ sized Galaxy S4 Mega?

Thanks: Jon.
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I have a note 5.2″ and I would like it to be bigger…bring on the 6.3″ mega….a better browsing experience.

Greg McPherson

Everything gets the “Galaxy S4” name now?


Pretty sure you will find the S4 Mega to be the same mega device announced last month. Seems very obvious… How this is making news on so many sites at the moment is beyond me.

Nathan Elcoate

Oh God please let it be true!! My S4 is tiny compared to my Note II but I love the S4 so much – please combine them!


Sign me up! Hmmm … how would that differ from the Note 3? Only time will tell …

Sean Royce

The note apps would be excluded. And even if it’s called S4 mega, the specs may differ.