The Caterpillar B15 Smartphone we posted on yesterday, showed that there is definitely interest in a ruggedised Smart Phone of this magnitude, while their website lists details only for European and US distribution, we contacted Caterpillar Phones regarding an Australian release.

Kaara Pallop from the Bullit group – the company who co-produce the Caterpillar B15 – responded to our enquiry, advising :

We are planning to roll into the Australian market this year, likely over the course of the summer.

While the Bullit group and Caterpillar PR are both based in the northern hemisphere it is a little confusing to work out if they mean their summer – the next few months – or our summer – the end of the year. Either way, CatPhones have provided a link on their website to allow interested customers to sign up to be notified when the B15 will enter their market. If you’re interested in registering, head over to the Catphones Signup page and enter your details and Catphones will contact you when they’re ready to hit Australia.