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Google Now, the feature that landed with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, is constantly being worked on and improved by Google, and with the advent of Reminders in Google Now, there’s a cheeky little tip from Google on how you can add these reminders from search results, be they on your handset or on the desktop.

As you can see in the example below, if you are logged in to Google on your desktop and you search for something that produces a date result (e.g. When is Australia Day 2014?) you can add a reminder straight in to Google Now:

I should note, however, that this only seems to work on the international version of Google for the moment. It doesn’t come up as an option if you search using Google Australia, for example.

Cool feature or a gimmick? Let us know.

Source: Google System.
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    Cool but as with everything it’s only as useful as the data it contains.. doesn’t know BDO 2014, doesn’t know when BDO 2013 was.. but it knows when other events ‘were’ such as Bonnaroo. Doesn’t know when Bass in the grass is (Darwin event 😛 coming Saturday.. ;)), doesn’t know when Territory Day was, etc. But as with everything once it knows, it’ll be useful. Once it knows, you could say “Ok Google, how much are tickets for BDO 2018”. Then it’s “Ok Google, buy me tickets to BDO 2018 in Gold Coast”. And there ya go.