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May 22, 2013
| ~ 6 years ago

Has the rumoured Samsung S4 Active shown up on video?

By Ausdroid Staff

Get your salt licks out folks, because it’s another Samsung rumour. Mobile Tech Review has posted a short video on its YouTube channel of what it claims is a sneak peek at the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active, a waterproof and ruggedised version of its flagship phone, the Galaxy S 4.

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We had a look at the Galaxy S 4 Active yesterday, with some leaked pictures and specs, but this video gives us another look at what Samsung likely has around the corner.  Physically, the video shows us from a slightly different perspective what we saw yesterday — that is, physical buttons on the phone’s front (instead of two soft buttons and one physical home button), and screws on the rear which (we’d assume) offer a tighter seal than a simple snap-on rear cover.

This looks like a serious phone, and for those that don’t trust a brand like Cat to bring them a tough phone, this could be a worthy alternative.

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Ausdroid Staff

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