Opera browser, now in the Play Store

Opera, a browser alternative for those who don’t like the stock browser or Chrome, is now available via the Play Store. Opera has come a long way from the first beta build we saw which was unstable, crashed a lot and had more annoying bugs than you could poke a stick at in a lifetime.

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They’ve got some really nice features for those of you that visit your favourite sites regularly on your mobile such as speed dial which is a quick access button to your favourite bookmarks. There’s also a psuedo-file manager included that allows you to manage media (including playback) from within the browser.

If you’re not quite happy with the current mobile browser you’re using, Opera is certainly worth having a look at.


What browser are you using and what sets it apart from the others? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Do firefox or opera have the feature that lets you open tabs that you have open on other devices?

    I think thats the only feature that keeps me to chrome. Handy if I want to read something on the go. I know firefox mobile shares bookmarks but its pretty slow to update (or it was last time I tried) Seemed like it synced once a day or something while chrome seems to do it all the time.

    • Yes, Firefox Sync does everything Chrome sync does (Bookmarks, passwords, open tabs etc). And, yes, Firefox sync is definitely slower than Chrome. The default sync period is 1 hour. Chrome sync is faster but the Android end of things, Firefox sync is better for one reason.

      You can share links from any Android application to Firefox sync. Let's say you're watching a YouTube video, a long one, on your mobile. You don't really want to watch it now but you want to watch it at home/office, you share the video and select Firefox Sync. You'll be shown a list of your Firefox sync devices (tablet, home pc, work pc etc) and you simply select the device you want and it'll open as a new tab on that device.

      Same thing with Twitter links. If you want to read an article that has been linked in a Tweet or in an RSS feed, share it Firefox sync and select your device. With Chrome sync, the difference would be to load the link in Chrome for Android, let tabs sync, then check for synced tabs on other devices.

      There's no better choice (use what works best for you) but Chrome sync is definitely faster.

      • Is the firefox sync period able to be changed to say half a hour?

        Ill have to have another play with it as that does sound neat. But the speed of chrome to access open tabs is pretty handy for me. Usually take what im reading to the toilet and such

        • I haven't had success changing it. In Firefox's config (about:config), this option services.sync.syncInterval can alter the sync interval. It's set as 3600000 ms or an hour. I've tried changing this to 30 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, doesn't work. At the next sync, this reverts back to an hour. Maybe you'll have better luck.

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