Samsung has traditionally used ARM based CPUs for all their devices, from their own in-house Exynos processors to Qualcomm CPUs. But, according to an entry on graphics benchmark site GFXBench, the next iteration of the 10″ Galaxy Tab could be running an Intel Clovertrail based CPU.

The output on GFXBench shows a device listed with a model # of GT-P5200 – which would show an increment on the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 which was released with the model # GT-P5100. The Board listed is Clovertrail and android.os.Build.ABI listing x86 and lists a Min CPU freq of 800MHz and Max CPU Freq of 1600MHz which would be on par with the upcoming Clovertrail CPUs, with all this, it certainly points towards the theory that Samsung has decided to go down the Intel route.

Other specs listed show the device will ship with Android 4.2.2, which as the Galaxy S4 just shipped with this build it’s not surprising and a 1280×800 resolution screen. Very little else can be gleaned from the entry, so it’s purely a matter of waiting for an official announcement from Samsung.

What are your thoughts on an Intel based Samsung Galaxy Tab 3?

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I’d love Intel processors to go mainstream in phones. The performance of the razr i was nothing special but the battery is where it shone.

Dean Reading

1280×800 screen would a HUGE disappointment
Also, how compatible are the Intel CPUs with existing apps?

Daniel Tyson

From what customers in the UK say about the Intel based Orange phones they had released over there, they seem to have pretty good compatability. Guess we’ll know more when we see our first Intel based Android device in Australia.

Joshua Hill

Isn’t there a Motorola phone with Intel processor available in Australia? I definitely know they make an Intel powered phone just not sure if it was offered locally.

Joshua Hill

Was thinking of the Razr i which doesn’t seem to have had an official australian release although mobicity do stock it. I assume this is the Orange delivered UK phone you mention.

Daniel Tyson

Nope, the Motorola Razr i was only offered for sale in the UK.

If you count being able to purchase the Razr i through Mobicity then I guess yes it’s available but not what I would call widely or even officially distributed.

Joshua Hill

That’s what I said ‘Razr i which doesn’t seem to have had an official australian release’. I’m glad we agree despite you not thinking so.

Joshua Hill

Most of their tablets use similar res screens. I’m getting used to being disappointed by their tablets. For a company that makes such good phones you’d think for the money they ask they’d offer the consumer better hardware in their tablets.


Resolution does not equal screen quality.

The nexus 10 which everyone thinks is the be all and end all of screens is actually pretty awful. Colours look bland and washed out and most apps still arnt optimised for the higher res.

Galaxy tabs are usually specced as a mid range tablet anyway, so dont expect too much out of it.

Joshua Hill

Resolution is a factor in screen quality, and arguably more important than colour gamut, delta E, contrast, gamma, e.t.c.

Most of Samsung’s tablets are priced in the high end so when they only deliver mid range specs and performance it is disappointing. Pricing based on my country of origin and residence being Australia.

Sean Royce

Just rumours so far, nothing to see.