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Targus has long been a name associated with high quality accessories. Products such as laptop carry bags, port replicators for laptops and more diverse computer peripherals have been their main staple, but they’re moving into the Android accessory market in Australia releasing cases for the Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Nexus 7

The Targus Vuscape Case for Nexus 7 has been designed specifically for the Nexus 7. It is made of a durable, water-resistant padded exterior shell and offers a stand function with adjustable viewing angles. The case also offers a tab closure to secure the front when closed. The case is available now from Targus retailers for $28.00.
Vuscape Case for Nexus 7

Galaxy S4

Targus is also supplying cases for the Galaxy S4 launching 4 different products as well as promising that there are more on the way.

The Targus Slim Wave Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 adds a colourful option to protect your handset, it’s being offered in Black, Fuchsia and Pool Blue. The interior of the case contains a soft-touch material that is designed to protect the back of your phone and it fits easily to your Galaxy S4m, snapping securely into place. The case is made of polycarbonate and has holes cut out in all the important areas so you can still access buttons, ports and the camera lens and flash. The cases are available now for $24.95.
Slim Wave Case for SGS4

The Targus Slim Laser Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 is an iteration on the Slim Wave Case offering a soft touch material inside and outside of the polycarbonate case. It comes with a Laser cut texture and matte metallic finish in Black, Crimson or clear for $24.95.
Slim Laser Case for Galaxy S4

The Targus Snap-On Shell for Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a soft texture finished polycarbonate shell for your phone that snaps on without adding extra bulk. The phone comes in Black, Crimson or Pool Blue and has all the appropriate holes cut out for your device. The Snap-On Shell is available now for $24.95.
Targus  Snap-On Shell for Galaxy S4

The Targus SafePORT Rugged Case for the Galaxy S4 is a rugged case designed to protect the phone from every day knocks. Made from a hardened polycarobonate, the case has a shock absorbing silicone lining and has dust filters over the audio and power ports as well as a re-applicable screen protector. It’s Available now for $39.95.
SafePORT Rugged Case

We hope to get this current crop of cases for review shortly and Targus has advised that they will be offering more cases and peripherals in the future including some more premium cases. I love accessories and love the fact that the turn around time for the Galaxy S4 cases is relatively fast, I cannot wait to see these in stores.

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    that’s not a nexus 7

    Matthew Lobegeiger

    The N7 case looks like good value. Might check it out. Thanks for the post..