History of HTC
HTC have put together a video history of their involvement in the smartphone industry, from their beginnings as an OEM manufacturer for companies such as O2 and Compaq building devices such as the Ipaq through to the introduction of their own branded devices.

The video shows they have been at the forefront of new technologies in the Smartphone industry, introducing the first 3G Windows Mobile Smartphone in 2005, the worlds first Android Smart Phone back in 2008 as well as the worlds first 4G Android phone in 2010.

HTC has been instrumental in improving user interface design through devices such as the HTC Touch released in 2007 and their Sense software which “make things work the way you expect them to”.

In hardware design they have introduced features such as Beats Audio across their range of devices and delivered amazing cameras and phone designs.

It’s an interesting journey to follow and it’s worth the 2 minutes and 48 seconds watch time to have a look and reminis on where smartphones have come from and how far they’ve come.

What HTC phone’s have you had over the years? Let us know what phone you had and your experiences with it in the comments below.

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HTC Desire HD

Nick Bryant

My first Android phone – the HTC Magic in 2009, running Android 1.6. The first time I never had to re-enter all my contacts into my phone! I thought it was amazing at the time, even though Bluetooth didn’t work and Android was still pretty buggy.
Since then, I have owned a Wildfire for a short time, but no other phones of theirs have really appealed to me.