If you’re playing it safe with your ChromeOS device and have remained on the Stable channel, then you should be seeing an update fairly soon. The Chrome Releases blog is advising that the current ChromeOS Stable version 26.0.1410.57 is being updated to 27.0.1453.103. Included in the udpate along with the usual bug fixes and security improvements are a number of new features :

  • Panel windows for chat and more
  • New Launcher positioning mode
  • Per App list of open tabs & windows
  • Horizontal three finger scrub moves between tabs
  • New folder hierarchy on file manager
  • Autocomplete in Drive search
  • Memory management optimization
  • Enhanced support for common wireless touchpads/mice
  • Updated Chrome Office Viewer extension
  • Pepper Flash updated to 11.7.700.202-r2
  • GTalk plugin updated to

The update should roll out to ChromeOS devices over then next few days. To check if your device is up to date, click on the Click the Chrome menu button in your browser toolbar > Select Settings and then click ‘Help’.

Of course with any new release, Google is asking that if you find any issues with this latest update, that you file a bug report so they can investigate ASAP.

Source: Chromereleases.