When talking accounting software in Australia and New Zealand, one of the most recognisable names is Quickbooks or Quicken. The company behind this software, Reckon has been developing their accounting software products for the last 25 years.

Reckon is currently rolling out their new modular accounting software package called Reckon One through a travelling trade demonstration they’ve appropriately named the Reckon Road show. The new software package is a web application, however Reckon are aiming to release free mobile applications for Android and iOS as well.

Reckon One is designed to be modular, which allows businesses to customise the package to suit their requirements, meaning they only pay for the modules that are required. This modular design, will also extend to the mobile applications when released, allowing employees to work with Reckon One while out of the office. The package also includes a fairly advanced user role management system, which will allow business owners to control what access certain groups will have to the program.


The core Reckon One account starts at $5 per month for the core module and businesses can choose to add or remove extra modules as required. Pricing structures for additional modules is available on the Modules page of the Reckon website. The Reckon One service is not structured on a per user base, so no individual licenses are required and it’s accessible by anyone within the business both via the web and mobile application.


Key functions and features of the Reckon One mobile application were demonstrated on both a Galaxy S3 as well as an iPhone and the website was also shown off. The apps looked quite well designed and easy to navigate and looked to be very professionally designed.

Reckon are currently taking expressions of interest in the software in preparation for their launch later this year, if you’re looking for a modular accounting solution, then head over to the Reckon One signup page and enter your details, Reckon will contact you when the launch is imminent and you’ll be given access to a free trial.

Source: Reckon One website.
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    Hi Adam, Great article. Reckon One is fantastic.