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Telstra Galaxy S2
A month after Optus rolled out their Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S2, Telstra are beginning their rollout. The Jelly Bean update which was approved for deployment by Telstra on the 17th of May is now rolling out, with users reporting the update arriving as an Over The Air(OTA) update. The new firmware brings the device up to Android 4.1.2 with Firmware version I9100TDVLS3.

JB for Telstra S2

The update should appear as a notification on your phone to download, but as with most updates the release will most likely be staggered so keep checking. Remember you can also check for updates using the Samsung Kies software.

Let us know when you receive the update and what you think of it. Remember we love to hear about device updates, so if you see your device receive an update let us know via twitter or email.

Thanks: PeterJoel.
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Is there somewhere I can manually download the update and run it… I dont wanna wait months for it.

Daniel Tyson

Try connecting to Kies, it should be available for your phone now.


I downloaded the update to my galaxy s2 and wish I could uninstall… battery life shortened, bluetooth needs rebooting and pairing every time I get in car, significant lag after tap commands. None of these issues occured previously. Hate…


Seems this update is too suspect to use. Are there any good ex


I updated my S2 to 4.1.2 OTA last night and today my device constantly cycles during the boot phase without actually booting. How frustrating. Ugh.
Looks like it’s time to factory reset!


Bluetooth connection with my VW Golf is now practically gone. I have to reboot the bluetooth everytime I enter the car and if I am able to have a phone conversation, I have to restart the bluetooth again from the phone.

Constantly stopping or dropping the bluetooth. I wish I can go back to the old OS.
This one is dangerous and potentially expensive if I am caught using my mobile phone while driving.
Why cannot things just work, like the VW.


Don’t do it, it’s a trap, lovely features, smooth operating system, battery lasts 2, maybe 2.5 hours at best with normal usage, very disappointing Telstra, and you were supposed to have tested this…

Rob Byrnes

Don’t know why your experience is negative, but this update has actually improved battery life on my S2


I updated my S3 on Friday to 4.1.2 and am having exactly the same problem as the previous person. The battery runs downs so quickly that I constantly have to put it charge. I fully charged it last night and this morning it would,nt even turn on as the battery was absolutely flat .
I wish I had never updated. Does anyone have any ideas?


I updated my S2 over the weekend and found that my battery is not lasting about 1/2 a day. This morning I had 3 new updates for apps I have installed on my phone and after the update I can no longer use my phone as touchWiz home keeps stopping. Wish I hadn’t updated wish I could rollback.


I’m having battery issues – barely wants to hold a charge. Also from gallery the ability to share via gmail has vanished – i’ve tried unistalling the updates to gmail and then reinstalling with restarts of phone in between and nothing – the share option for gmail is still there for other apps just not gallery – which is probably the one i use it for Overall installation was easy – phone doesnt seem as quick or as good as on last release. Do like some of the additional features but if i could go back 3 days i wouldnt… Read more »


Downloaded if two days ago OTA about 500mb, absolutely no dramas installing it. ICS 4.0.3 was crashing on a daily basis. This seems a lot more stable, even though Telstra seems to drag their leg a bit with firmware releases, it’s important to remember they have their own stringent testing of their specific version. Hopefully this will get me through until The Galaxy Note 3 is available layer in the year. My only gripe is JB seems to chew through my battery more than ICS, but then again since I upgraded, my phone hasn’t left my hand as there are… Read more »

Gili Shiffman

I unexpectedly received my OTA update yesterday, and I have to say that it is a massive upgrade over ICS. Two things I’m not happy with:

1. Telstra pushing out 4.1.2 when 4.3 is about to be released

2. The update broke my phone. It started reading out page numbers when I moved between homescreens, and when I rebooted it to try and fix it it wouldn’t boot up. I had to do a hard reset of my phone…. GRRR!

However, it is too little too late. I will be buying my HTC One from Optus next month

Fred McNatf

I agree. Telstra is about 2 years behind thw rest of the world in regards to updates


Downloaded it OTA, even though it eats 30% of my data this month. Installed easily, so far I like it! Removed the lag that ICS produced.


I have tried three times now and each time the install fails. Then tells me to do it via Kies Air (which is then not detecting a firmware update) or go to a Samsung retail outlet.


Doesn’t install: it keeps complaining the battery isn’t fully charged, even though it’s 100% 🙁


Too little too late.