Will we see a new version of Gmail launch this Wednesday? If the anonymous tipster that revealed this information to The Next Web and Android Police is to be believed, then yes, we will.

The screenshots that have been leaked show a new version of Gmail with the slide out navigation drawer and smart labels. The smart labels is what got me interested in this information. There appear to be labels for Social, Promotions and Updates and your emails will be automatically tagged with these based on their content and presumably the sender. Profile pictures are also placed front and centre making it easier to see who has sent you the email.

The screenshots that have been leaked show the new features for Android, iOS and the desktop app.


When looking at the Android version there seem to be a few issues that Android Police have noticed and I have to agree with them. Things just don’t look right in a few places as seen in the image below.


What do you think? Will we see a new version of Gmail in the next few days and will it include these features?


Source: Android Police.
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    2/10 would not download.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Sean Royce

    No one cares.


    When you say Wednesday, you really mean Thursday as everything is in usa time

    Sean Royce

    If anything with might receive it first. Doubtful though