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Playboard – the best way to find new applications


Let’s face it – even with the improvements Google has made to the Play Store recently, it’s still not the best for application discovery, unless you already know exactly what you’re looking for. There are a number of alternative app stores, and even more applications to help you find other applications, but I don’t find any of them to be that helpful. Except one – Playboard.

Playboard is an application discovery service that lets users compile lists of their favourite applications, which are called channels, and it also features a number of channels set up, and curated by Playboard’s editors themselves. Many people have set up channels featuring their own set of favourite applications, but there are just as many that are specific to a certain topic, such as ‘Best 3D games’. You can select channels to follow, and if you want, you can receive notifications when these channels are updated. Channels are updated fairly often, and are generally of high-quality. Ausdroid has its own account, and are in the process of publishing some channels of our own – so far we’ve got one for our Beautiful Android series, and we’re planning on publishing one highlighting the best Australian applications as well.

Playboard has an Android application, plus a website that has identical content, but optimised for the larger screen. The Android application is fast, intuitive and makes excellent use of the design guidelines that we’re quite fond of. It has large thumbnails of every application, as well as ratings a short description and a link to the Play Store. I personally find it so much easier to find quality applications in Playboard than I do in the Play Store, and I’d suggest giving it a try.

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You can view all of our channels by visiting our page.

Source: Playboard.

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Valued Guest

Aww bummer they are now stopping Playboard. How am I going to save my channel??

Sean Royce
Valued Guest
Sean Royce

Thanks, I’ll check it now.

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