Google has just announced an update to the Calendar app, adding a couple of new features, including what has been said to be one of the most requested features for Calendar – the ability to customise event and calendar colours on your mobile device.


The update which is rolling out over the course of today includes the option to add different colours to events when setting up an event as well as updating existing events. Also added, is a redesigned date and time picker and a newly redesigned timezone picker. There is also an update to the repeating events selector which has been sorely lacking in the calendar app in the past.


The update will be available as a split update, rolling out throughout the day. Devices running Android 4.1 or higher will get all the updates. Devices running Android 4.0.3 and above will receive all the updates except for the custom event colours. For more information check out the Android blog.

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    David Anderton

    there has been a repeating event option for a while, but only offered daily, weekly, monthly or yearly options. Would really love them to put in a manual option so you could choose something to repeat every fortnight for example.


    Does it mean we can now create fortnightly events?

    Daniel Tyson

    From the look of the screenshot, I`m hoping it offers this kind of option. I`m also hoping for options so I can input my shifts into it, which are non-standard.


    I am using Nexus 4 and I still haven’t got the update. Why?

    James Hector

    Staggered rollout means that not all devices get it at once. Usually region based.


    Thanks. But i did see staggered rollout in the article. How do you know that?