Google Apps is a fantastic service which allows organisations (like Ausdroid) to leverage Google’s cloud and applications under a ‘white label’ arrangement. Through Google Apps, entire organisations, from small ones like Ausdroid to large ones like entire universities in the US, can offer email addresses under their own domain name, with shared contacts, calendar, Drive access, and all other services under one umbrella.

I don’t mind coming out and saying Google Apps is great for our business, and if your business uses it too, you’ll probably agree with me. One thing that hasn’t been so great in the past though is the lack of a mobile administration tool. You can picture the scenario: you’re on the go, and someone calls you because they need a password reset or a new account created.

Previously, you would have to find a computer and load the Google Apps Administrator web interface, or worse, try and navigate it on your mobile via a non-optimized website. While workable, it really wasn’t a great solution — in fact, I’d go as far as to say it was a glaring oversight, considering just how much muscle is behind Google this really should have been done earlier.

Well, kvetch no longer. Today, Google has unveiled a new app called, simply, Google Admin. Google Admin allows Apps administrators convenient access to the most commonly used features of the Apps Administration dashboard, including:

  • Adding or suspending users;
  • Resetting passwords;
  • Managing group membership; and
  • Directly calling or emailing users from the dashboard.

I’ve included some screenshots of these new features below, but if you’re an Apps administrator you really should give this a look — it’s a great new tool for busy business owners and tech support guys.

Do note though, you’ll need to have API access enabled for your Google Apps organisation before setting up the app, or it won’t work properly. Instructions for doing this are available on Google’s support pages.


Source: Google Enterprise Blog.
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    Peter Massey

    Gah, no support for the Google Nexus 7 but can install it on the TF101!


    Seems to work well on the free Google Apps domains too.


    Pity it doesn’t allow Google Apps Resellers access to their clients’ admin panels yet.