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The rumour of a HTC built Phablet to take on the Galaxy Note has been beginning to take traction recently with a device named the T6 supposedly being worked on by the Taiwanese manufacturer. This morning, EVLeaks has linked to an article on theunlockr which lists some pretty high end specifications that they think the device will launch with.

The device has been described alongside another rumoured device the HTC M4, describing the M4 as a miniature version of the HTC One while the T6 would be it’s ‘Max’ version. They suggest that both devices would apparently continue using the design language introduced in the HTC One, which presumably indicates both would come with an aluminium unibody shell that houses front mounted dual stereo ‘BoomSound’ speakers and Ultra-Pixel camera.


The above spec sheet is certainly interesting – The listed CPU for the device – the MSM8974 – is more commonly known as the Snapdragon 800 will be clocked at 2.3GHz, which is in line with the current known info on the Snapdragon 800 and will be paired with 2GB of RAM. The post lists storage as being 16GB but also says that the HTC ‘T6’ will come with a microSD card slot, something that was left out of the HTC One due to space restrictions, which will not be a problem on a device with what is said to be a 5.9″ full HD screen. A 3300mAh battery will power the device.

Among the novelties to be added to the T6 is an experiment in Biometrics, with the T6 to include a fingerprint reader. The Motorola Atrix included the fingerprint reader but it was definitely far from a winner in terms of usability when located at the top of the device. The T6 would move the fingerprint reader to the back of the phone for easier access.

Software on the device which is said to launch in late summer or early fall would be Key Lime Pie; this is almost where the entire tale breaks down. With a rumoured Android 4.3 on the cards launching as a continuation of Jelly Bean rather than Key Lime Pie, it would be expected that if Key Lime Pie were to actually launch this year it would be on a new Nexus device in around October or November this year.

Traditionally manufacturers have taken up to 6 months to begin launching updates for existing devices and even longer to actually launch devices running the latest version. To suggest that HTC would be ready to launch a device running Key Lime Pie with a brand new Sense overlay included would be a stretch for anyone.

The spec sheet reads like a dream and it more than likely is, we will have to wait for an announcement of the device to confirm any of the specifications or even the device itself.

What are your thoughts on a HTC ‘Phablet’?

Source: TheUnlockr.
Via: EVleaks.
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Greg McPherson

It’s going to see the return of annoying dudes on the train playing music loudly out of their Boomsound boxes.


Wow! I was going to get a note 2 (or 3) when my S3 contract is up next year but this looks very tempting!!!


Take my money now

Sujay Vilash

Take mine too …


Looks in Wallet, nothing. Looks at bank account, nothing. Better start saving for money to throw at the screen.