White Nexus 4

LG Australia has announced that their just-launched white version of the Nexus 4 will be available in Australia exclusively from Harvey Norman.

The phone will set you back $419 – the same price you’d pay for a Nexus 4 from the Google Play store if you include shipping. It’s notable that the Nexus 4 originally cost $496 at retail launch back in February, a price point which dropped in early May to match the Play Store.

Besides the white back plate (the front is still black, earning it the ‘panda’ nickname amongst Ausdroid staff), the phone is otherwise identical to its black sibling – same Snapdragon processor, same 2 GB RAM, same 16 GB storage… and the same fragile glass back.

White Nexus 4 stock should start appearing in Harvey Norman stores in mid-June. You can buy the device outright, or on a selection of carrier plans including the Optus $50 Cap Plan.

Nexus, Galaxy or One?

While “Nexus Experience” versions of flagship phones have been announced by both Samsung and HTC in recent weeks, you should remember that those devices are currently only (officially) heading to the US market, and the phones won’t work on Australian LTE networks.

The Nexus 4 remains the only “Nexus Experience” device suited to work on Australian carriers. If you’re after a Nexus device, you should still consider the Nexus 4 – in either color. Despite its limitations – the complete lack of LTE data, limited internal storage and the relatively late arrival of a new colour variant -it’s still a cheaper option than the competition, and won’t have any disabled features.

Will you purchase a white Nexus 4, or has another phone captured your attention? Let us know in the comments!

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And I bet 95% of people will fit a black case to it totally covering the white back.. pointless release really but nice to see choice. I would rather a glass free back version. Plastic is far better for the life of the device, then they could give us a removable battery.
What I really want is a decent wireless charger to be released.


Exclusively to Harvey Norman and the play store I would guess


You’re forgetting the Chromebook fiasco we have going on in Australia at the moment: exclusive to everywhere BUT the Play Store.