Remember the HTC Flyer? No, you’re not alone. It was the first venture into the 7″ tablet market that HTC made in May 2011. Probably too soon to market with a 7″ tablet, HTC is now trying the other end of the scale by releasing one way too late.

Adding to the list of prayers to be answered, HTC are said to be getting ready to launch a 7″ Android tablet to compete with the likes of the iPad Mini and the amazing success story that is the Nexus 7. It is important to remember that this is yet to be officially confirmed by HTC so it still stands as a rumour, but Bloomberg have managed to get a comment from an HTC staffer who said

We have plans to sell a 7-inch tablet based on Android around the same time as the version with Windows RT is introduced.

It’s great to see that HTC have ambition beyond the current line of phones they current have on the market, but perhaps their energy and money would be better spent on some solid marketing strategies, rather than pushing more products to market in an effort to raise sales.

Should HTC be moving back to the tablet market? Or should HTC focus on their current strengths with the HTC One and arrest their current sliding profits? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Bloomberg.