Last week we had a tip that the new Gmail app was to launch within days, and while it seems the projection took a few days longer than predicted to come to fruition, it has today. The new Gmail app has begun rolling out, though with over 100,000,000 Gmail users, it’s going to take a little while for that update to reach everyone.

From today, you may be able to access the new app via the Play Store (link below), but if you’re the impatient kind, as many of us are, you might like to try one of the following download links to grab the updated APK today:

All mirrors courtesy of Android Police

Have you tried the new Gmail layout on your desktop or laptop? What do you think of the new design for Android? Let us know your thoughts.


Source: Android Police.
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I just hope it doesn’t make my phone run like crap, as the Hangouts app has done.


I really dislike the hangouts app… I just wanted basic messaging and now every damned email contact is in the list? For the love of god… ugh