Falcon Pro

Falcon Pro is currently in Beta for one of the biggest user issues on their request list: multi-account support. While it’s currently in beta, the testing is going extremely well and a wider release through the Play Store won’t be far away at all.

For anyone keen to have a look at the Beta, you can! Join the G+ Community for Beta Testers: this is where to drop by to look at and report any bugs you may encounter. It’s important to remember that when an app is in beta, you’re testing it. That mean’s it’s not necessarily ready for daily consumption by the general public who expect apps to ‘just work’.

You can join the beta program in the Play Store. This will enable you to download the beta through the Play Store (a feature announced at I/O this year) where the developer can view downloads, near real time crash reporting as well as many other useful pieces of information about the app usage.

Having played with Falcon Pro 2.0 beta for a couple of days now, I can tell you that I’ve not suffered any instability issues on any of the devices I’ve tried, Nexus 7, Nexus S, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 as well as two ‘budget conscious’ 10 inch tablets. The update looks good, feels good and functions well. The full release can’t come soon enough for my liking.


Are you a user of the popular twitter app? or has the lack of multi-account support prevented you from investing in Falcon Pro? Let us know your experiences in the comments below

Source: Joaquim Verges G+.