In a move that brings more of core Android to the Play Store for everyone to enjoy, Google have added the stock keyboard to the Play Store. If you already own a Nexus device, or are running a stock Android ROM, you’ll find the update in the Play Store. For people who are running a skin such as TouchWiz, Sense UI, or whatever Sony is calling their UI these days, you can go to the Play Store and install it.

For those not familiar, Google Keyboard is the stock keyboard which is removed from a lot of devices. It has Gesture Typing where you swipe over the keys (ala Swype, SwiftKey), Voice Input powered by Google, and of course, normal typing input which is still the most responsive I’ve seen on a keyboard. So go on, check it out!

Source: Google Keyboard (Play Store).
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I reckon the next stock Android app we’ll see in the play store is the camera app.


Is there any way to get it to recognise Australian spelling without using the UK dictionary yet?


Hope they push out more of these. I seriously want the default JB clock app on my One. I know there’s a clone of it on the Play Store, but only the paid version has what I want, and most of those features are unneeded.


Thanks for the heads up on this! I’m a big fan of Swiftkey but just trying the Google one now & I have to say it’s pretty damn nice


Hmm but it’s badly missing more symbols & the smilies that SwiftKey has.


Best news ever I have a Nexus 4,7 and galaxy tab and hated the keyboard now its awesome 🙂


I was so excited to see this today, Samsung keyboard is a dog, tried Go keyboard and that is worse, just trash but I love the Google one (for me it is great)

Joshua Hill

Only just gone back to stock samsung rom on my S2 after using numerous AOSP and AOKP roms and the keyboard is one of the worst parts, terrible predictive text and I’m miss typing way more than on other keyboards. Put the two together and it’s painful to use.

I like the Google keyboard for its ease of use and simplicity.


Was the stock keyboard included in Android 4.2.2 on the Nexus 4710 open source? I assume this update to it isn’t.

Luke Pocock

Amazing it took this long. There was plenty of Jelly Bean Keyboards based on the open source but its better coming from Google. Google are seriously blowing me away on what they are producing at the moment. New age of Technology

Alexei Watson

Hey heads up: just updated on GNex and this version fixes the old annoying behaviour of saving words to the dictionary.. it now behaves as it should. No more multiple confirmations and keyboard hiding/popping up.


I noticed that too. For example, would always happen when you select the search box in the YouTube app. Very pleased it’s been fixed.