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Samsung has apparently begun rolling out an update to the Galaxy S4 owners in Germany. As well as visual enhancements and app updates, the new firmware appears to address one of the major complaints surrounding the device: a markedly decreased amount of internal storage from what was advertised.

With only 9.15GB out of the advertised 16GB available to users on the Galaxy S4, some users were finding it difficult to install all their apps as well as store videos, pictures and more; this latest update has managed to free 80MB of space to now allow access to 9.23GB of available space and also allows users to move apps to the SD card.

SamMobile has also advised that as well as addressing the space issue there are a number of other enhancements such as a new Camera firmware that includes the ability to record HDR Video, more visual fixes such as a purple artifact that occured when scrolling and more.

Head over to SamMobile for the full list of features and we’ll sit here patiently and wait for the Australian carriers to approve this latest update. If you’re feeling adventurous there is always the ODIN route, in which case you’re looking for Firmare I9505XXUBMEA – note this is a German update, in which case ‘Sie müssen in der Lage sein, Deutsch zu sprechen’.

Source: SamMobile.
Via: TheVerge.
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I wish the S3 would get this.



Nathan Elcoate

Has anyone else noticed the locked bootloader?

Nathan Elcoate

This firmware is fantastic… this is how the phone should have been from the start… Runs really nicely with the new stock 4.2 keyboard as well… eliminates almost all lag…

Eng Nuth

lol wow a whole 80MB more space to use!

Daniel Tyson

IKR, hardly seems worth it. But the Install Apps to SD Card could be helpful.

No One

Only apps can be moved to SD card not the data files. So it isn’t really helpful. e.g: NFS Most Wanted app is only 12MB but the data file is nearly 2GB.

Sean Royce

I’d love to see you make an OS mate.

Eng Nuth

If I was a company worth billions, I’d do a much better job 🙂

Also FYI Samsung didn’t create android

Sean Royce

I never implied they did.