If you read my piece on why you should get a case from your smartphone, then you’ll have known I purchased an S View Cover for my Samsung Galaxy S4. And now that I have had a few weeks to use it, I thought I might share my thoughts and experiences with the rest of you Galaxy S4 owners to see if it’s for you.

The Cover

When I watched the launch of the Galaxy S4 and its accessories, I found the idea of the S View Cover — a cover with a see-through panel in it to view the time and notifications — very appealing, and a little bit cool. Because of the Super AMOLED display in the Galaxy S4, the entire display doesn’t have the be using power to display information in the visible area. This means there’s less battery use if you’re always powering on the display to check the time and notifications. While the battery saving might be miniscule, it’s a positive nonetheless.

The display area shows you the time/date as well as the normal notification panel at the very top as well as slightly larger icons at the bottom for any messages, emails or missed calls. Speaking of calls, you can answer or decline calls through the transparent panel with the cover still closed. This is the only time you can interact with the touch screen. I found that not having to open the cover when I got a call to be a great idea; the cover just doesn’t get in the way.

The notification area was always visible regardless of the light source I was viewing it in. This is because the display is automatically set to 100% brightness with no impact on battery life due to the small number of pixels being displayed. When using the Galaxy S4 in the dark the quick change from 100% brightness to your predetermined setting can be unsettling if viewed at close range, other than that there’s no problem there. In the settings menu of the Galaxy S4 you can turn off the option to have the display turn on when you open the case.

For those wondering how the case actually fits onto the Galaxy S4: it’s one whole thing, in that the front — made from some type of cloth — is attached to a back cover by a piece of plastic, and that back cover then replaces the one already on your phone. It’s all quite clever.


In terms of protection, the S View Cover doesn’t provide much, if anything, to the sides of the device they’re left bare. So if the device were to fall on its side, you could be in for a bad day regardless. It does, however, protect the display from direct impact such as a face-down fall or items in your pocket.

My Gripes

I found 3 main things I find a tad annoying about the S-View Cover, none of which warrant me to replace it. It’s staying. However, here they are.

1. It hardly sits flat**: After having the cover opened and sitting at the back of the device, the plastic between the front and back covers seems to seize-up in that position which stops the cover from sitting flush on the front of the device when you set it down. It kind of sits on an angle just off the top off the display. Not a huge problem, but it may annoy some.

**: We’ve been able to confirm that if the cover doesn’t sit flat *at all* you can get a replacement/refund.

2. Getting to the volume rocker: With the cover in a closed position, it’s easy enough to figure out where the volume rocker is and it’s then just a natural gesture of pushing against the plastic of the cover to change the volume. The problem is when the cover is open. Trying to then get to the volume rocker becomes a Kama Sutra-like challenge which is hard to perfect. Again, not a deal breaker, but something to think about.

3. The price: As expected for an official accessory, the S View Cover sells for $50 from Samsung. It’s sure as hell isn’t cheap and I don’t find the price justified for what you’re actually getting. Sure, being able to see your notifications and time without having to turn on the entire display is cool, but it’s not $50 cool. If you flip that on its head, however, $50 is a much better price to pay than $300 to replace a display that you’ve scratched, cracked or incinerated.



As I’ve stated, this case costs more than it should due to the fact it’s an official accessory. On the other hand, it’s very cool, even if the functionality it adds is minimal. It doesn’t have the side protection that other cases offer, but those other cases also don’t offer the notification window. So it’s up to you where you want your money to go and protection to be based. Personally, I’m more than happy with the S View Cover.

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can any one tell me wht is d concept and technique behind this S- view?


I planned to buy one but after reading the reviews i have changed my mind…


“It hardly sits flat” Just give it a couple of weeks use and it’ll settle in just nicely.


Great cover..i got mine of Ebay for $15…..looks and functions exactly the same and case said samsung (but had asian writing on it)….a lot more appealing then $50…my case works exactly the same as described above. only issue i get is when i have it opened and flipped over and then cover it back up, front case stays a little bit opened and requires me to leave it face down for 5 minutes…….


That’s what happens when you pay for a knock off. I got one too but it’s already tearing around the seams. will be getting official one now.


Got the S-View case from JB Hifi for $31 (which is a bit more palatable than $50)
Like you mentioned, it doesn’t sit flat when closed (and given how many ppl have experienced this issue, it is a concern), and it doesn’t protect the case from anything. To be honest, it’s one of the worst official cases i’ve used on a phone. I like the functionality, but the quality and protection it offers is crap.

Returned it the next day.


Yup protection of it is near useless – mate dropped his the other day and shattered the screen. It’ll stop scratches in a pocket or something though I guess.


Just went and bought a Otterbox Defender.
S-View – $31
Defender – $38

Paying $7 more to actually protect your phone?


Paying $38 to turn a decent looking phone into a crazy ugly phone? Priceless!


Looking at the bottom pic, it looks like it will cover half the camera when flipped backside. Funny they design both the phone and cover to complement each other in terms of hardware-software positioning, but forgot about the camera at the back. Missed opportunity


You can still take photos with the case open as the window goes over the lens. Not the best way to get a shot but it works (depending on how clean the window is. I don’t see how they could possibly implement anything different for a flip cover.


Nice review Buzz, would you happen to know when we’ll see wireless charging for the S4? I was thinking about getting this S View Cover but think I’ll wait until it has the wireless charger back plate.


$50 for that is an indication that Samsung is as greedy as Apple!

Best to wait for Dicksmith to have these accessories on special a year and a half later for under $20 which is what it is worth.