It’s always nice to save money on a big purchase, even nicer to save big money! Recently after our review of the Galaxy Note 8, a number of readers agreed that the tablet is about $100.00 too expensive at $539.00 to really be competitive in the market it’s aiming for.

Kogan have come to market with the Galaxy Note 8 tablets significantly cheaper than the other retailers on the market, the 16GB version of the Galaxy Note 8 will set you back $449.00 and the 3G version is $549.00

So if you were considering purchasing one of these great tablets, this $90 saving may be the final piece of the puzzle to lock you in.

Does the Galaxy Note 8 have your interest? Will a $90 saving tip you over the edge? Let us know in the comments below.

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Am I missing anything here ? Bing Lee has it at $399 free delivery, why would anyone buy from Kogan in this case ?

David Jones

I paid $429 for my Note 8 the week after it was released at JB HiFi. Just need to get the right sales person!. So $449 at Kogan is a rip off, especially if it is coming from Hong Kong. I am waiting for the LTE edition to hit Australia, hopefully at Optus.


…just get it from Hong Kong now. I got mine for $500 two weeks ago. it works with Optus 4G and Telstra 4G ( as i’ve tested both ) and once Vodafone pull their finger out i’m assuming it’ll work on their 4G too. Don’t wait for silly old Australia to do anything.


Phil Tann, what are you talking about, the prices are not cheap on Kogan, you can get it much cheaper at our local retail store. BTW it retail for the mid $400.


Leaving jb with my brand new galaxy Note 8


One word. Kogan. Never ever trust them

Angry Fran

i’ve been having loads of fun with my Galaxy Note 8 N5120 LTE. it’s fun using it as a phone in public ( though I do have a headset if i don’t want to look to ridiculous ).

David Jones

Can I ask where you purchased it from?


Its RRP is only $459


I’m off to jb for a price match now!

Phil Tann

They’ve dropped that since I last checked.
Good spot, thanks!


Looks like JB reads Ausdroid 🙂


Through a little bit of searching and a price match at JB I managed to get a Note 8 for $398. Anyone paying over $420 for this tablet is probably paying way too much.

Phil Tann

Great job – that’s fantastic news to hear people buying what is a really good tablet.


I’m finding my 10.1″ heavy – was looking in JB today. $398 sounds attractive for a lighter model.