How big is too big? That’s the question that Samsung seems to be set to ask with a report from Korean site ETNews stating that they are looking to introduce an even larger form factor into their Galaxy Note range – the Galaxy Note 12.2.

The large screened tablet will use a 12.2″ screen that supports a WQXGA resolution of 2560×1600. The screen will be manufactured by Sharp using their IGZO (Indum-Gallium Zinc Oxide) technology which can allow smaller pixels and higher reaction speeds for LCD screens. They are advising that Samsung is looking to introduce the new tablet in either August or September and with IFA in Germany in September it could fit in with that timing.

When Toshiba released the Excite AT330 – a 13″ Android tablet – it didn’t end up receiving much positive attention but perhaps a Note series Samsung tablet, with what appears to be a much higher resolution than the 1280×800 resolution than the Note line has been producing up to now, could be a winner.

How big is too big? Is a 12.2″ Galaxy Note tablet too large?

Source: ETNews.
Via: SamMobile.
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What is most interesting about this, is that Samsung are not using one of their own screens, but rather a Sharp.


Not too big for me at all, especially for epub and pdf reading


Yay for finally having a high res note, the low res was really the only thing that was putting me off. Might be a fraction large though (10″ would have better), 12″ is getting into the realm of laptop sizes and needing a bag to carry the darn thing in.


On second thought, if it could be bundled with a keyboard dock thing and run vmware (or equiv) I might be able to ditch the laptop!

Piers McCarney

If it runs an x86 chipset from Intel and the WINE project comes to fruition, this could be a killer device.


Then Samsung will do better business.

I also did not like Note 10.1 and the same goes for Note 8….Not good enough!.
I want a long life and a Very High Quality tablet and when I part with it I want to be able to pass it on to a member of the younger generation…and a removable battery will make that entirely possible….and whilst in my possession a removable /replaceable battery will enable constant use free of cables.