Galaxy S4 Active and Mini
Two products which seem to have received a fair bit of attention in the latest round of releases from Samsung have been the Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Mini. We approached Samsung Australia regarding local availability and they advised in statements that both of these phones will indeed be coming to Australia.

Regarding the Galaxy S4 Active, Samsung advised

Following the global announcement this week, Samsung Electronics Australia is excited to confirm the arrival of the GALAXY GS4 Active in Australia later this year. We will share more information around local availability of this latest addition to the GALAXY GS4 range soon.

And about the Galaxy S4 Mini

Following the global announcement of the GALAXY S4 Mini, Samsung Electronics Australia is happy to confirm the GALAXY S4 Mini will be arriving in Australia in the coming months. We look forward to sharing more information around this exciting new addition to the GALAXY S4 family soon.

So, both models will arrive in Australia and we’ll just have to wait for details on which carriers will be offering them and pricing details for plans that they will be offered on, the choice is then up to you.

If you are looking to buy a Galaxy S4 which one are you after? Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Active or Galaxy S4 Mini?

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Any sign of a mini active coming to Australia


Keen to get an Active but pretty annoyed at the lack of information. ‘By the end of the year’ doesn’t mean squat – if phones are released yearly then December for instance would be over halfway to the S5’s release!


Active, no doubt about it, I loved my s3 until it got wet, then it played up for a couple of months till it refused to recharge. If Samsung want to know why their sales for the S4 are so low, IT’S ‘COS WE WANT OUR PHONES TO LAST MORE THATN A COUPLE OF MONTHS and are waiting for the active. Simple really.


any news on an estimated release date for the galaxy s4 active?

Daniel Tyson

Not as yet, we’re asking but Samsung are usually tight lipped about this stuff.


Broke my last 3 iPhones while jumping or getting pushed in the pool with it. I don’t care about the screen n’ camera downgrade, I go for the active for shure….
If just apple had a water proof version, I’d throw my money at them


Mini for sure. It’s the right size and packs a top processor for using on the run.