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The yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles has certainly heated up the war for consoles in the living room with two excellent presentations from both Sony and Microsoft this year but Gameloft has taken the opportunity to announce two games aimed at a more mobile platform. Asphalt 8: Airborne and Brothers In Arms 3 will launch on Android and iOS later this year.

Asphalt 8: Airborne is the latest in the successful driving games from Gameloft. Featuring 8 new maps as well as a revamped Monaco track from Asphalt 7, the racing will take place anywhere from the dry and dusty Nevada desert to the wet city streets of London, that’s right, in the new Asphalt the weather will play a critical role in gameplay.

Gameloft has also announced that Asphalt 8 will run on a dynamic new physics engine that will allow you to perform high-speed, mid-air stunts. Race alone or challenge your friends in a multi-player race or asynchronous duel. The game will appear later this Summer for the northern hemisphere or Winter for those of us in the southern hemisphere.

Gameloft has released a trailer for Asphalt 8 and whilst graphics aren’t quite at the quality of the PS4 or Xbox One, it does look pretty good.

Gameloft has also announced a followup to their 2010 hit Brothers In Arms 2 and with a three year hiatus between games the expectations are pretty high. They did have a playable demo at E3 but have only provided screenshots for the game at this stage.

Gameloft describes Brothers in Arms 3 as ‘an on-rails shooter but instead of being on a track like in an arcade on-rails shooter, you can swipe from one position to another’. Describing gameplay they have think that the ‘slo-mo kill cams are pretty epic!’ in Brothers in Arms 3. Due out in Q4 this year on Android and iOS a trailer should be following fairly shortly.

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    Sean Royce

    These graphics look amazing. I’d put them on par to some console games personally. It looks so much better because playing it on a small screen it doesn’t have to push as many pixels.