Glass Breakdown
What do you do with a US $1,600(incl tax) prototype device that you’ve just gotten your hands on? Well in the case of Scott Torborg and Star Simpsons you tear it apart; and that’s just what they’ve done, cataloguing it all along the way.

The tear down begins with the removal of a single Torx T5 screw which holds the ‘pod’ to the titanium frame. They speculate that this simple removal is an indicator that the device is possibly designed to be user-serviceable. After attaching the frameless pod to a pair of prescription glasses to test out the functionality they deemed it lacking and moved forward.


After prying open the plastic casing around the prism mounted in front of the users eye, they exposed the proximity sensor and what appeared to be the ambient light sensor. It’s at this point that they encountered issues with an internal screw that required some non user friendly techniques but were ultimately able to remove it and continue the tear down.


Throughout the tear down they gradually took apart and exposed the inner workings of the touchpad, behind ear module containing a 2.1Wh battery, the main circuit board with the TI OMAP 4430 CPU, bone conduction speaker, display assembly and camera.

Overall, they appear to have found Google Glass fairly easy to tear down and indeed return to full working order, advising

If you’re careful and familiar with disassembling consumer products, Glass did not seem to present any major lurking hazards of inadvertent disassembly damage to components. As a testament to this, we were able to reassemble Glass after this teardown and it still operated perfectly, albeit with cosmetic damage.’

It’s always good to see these teardowns, they’re fairly interesting to many people. There are many more photos over at the teardown site for you to peruse and thankfully now someone has torn Google Glass down, you won’t ever have to see inside the product again.

Source: Google Glass Teardown.
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    vijay alapati

    u have attached it to normal glass with a loop, that blocks the trackpad