Amazon Kindle Fire HD Pre-Order
Dick Smith Electronics has today started selling the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, stock began arriving at stores over the last couple of days, with the tablet officially going on sale today.

Kindle Fire HD in DSE

Stores are only stocking the 7″ version of the Fire with the 8.9″ version available through the Dick Smith Website. Dick Smith are selling the 7″ Kindle Fire HD for $229 while the 8.9″ is selling for $299 with free delivery. Alternatively purchasing the Kindle Fire HD from Amazon directly will cost you $214 for the 7″ or $284 for the 8.9″ with an additional $11.98 shipping charge on top so for a relatively minor premium you can actually walk into a store and pick one up today.

With a full range of Android Apps available through the Amazon Android App Store, as well as all the Kindle eBooks available, the Kindle Fire HD is a pretty good value proposition for a tablet. It is important to note that the Kindle Fire HD does not have the Google Play store on it by default.

With the Kindle brand already well established in Australia it will be interesting to see just how well the Kindle Fire HD will sell here.

Are you buying a Kindle Fire HD? Which size?

Source: Dick Smith.
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Chris Sword

It is really funny to read books with Kindle Fire HD

Daniel Tyson

How is it funny? I haven’t managed to actually use one yet the sales staff said display units are being sent to them seperately(?) is it because of the LCD as opposed to the eInk screen?