Google Cloud Print
Google has finally released an Android App for their Cloud Printing service. After completing the inital setup to connect associate your Google Cloud Print connected printer with the app, you can then use the ‘Share’ option within applications such as Gallery or Google Drive to print your documents over the net. The Cloud Print app also allows you to track the status of your jobs.

There’s a pretty wide range of Cloud Print ready printers that connect directly to the web and don’t require an attached PC to work; But if you haven’t got compatible printer there is a pretty handy guide over at the Google Support site which outlines how to connect your normal everyday printer to the Cloud Print service.

The only drawback for me at this stage is that the Android GMail app doesn’t include a ‘print’ option in the menu, nor can you share an email to the Cloud Print app. It’s a pretty nifty little tool though and sure to add some functionality to your life if you require printouts.


How often do you use your printer?

Source: Google Play.
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Works great less than 10 seconds and I get a print


This is one of the reasons I went with the Surface. For me it is better for what I do, the fact you just add a printer, it searches and finds it and installs the driver and you have print in your menu makes a world of difference because I need to print. The Surface RT has plenty of flaws but also plenty of positives, if only Android on tablets took a few ideas from there.

vijay alapati

u mean surface pro 0_o


Did I say pro ? No I said RT. Android tablets are great just my needs are not met with them. They are closer than an iPad which really is just a toy, great for games and sound boards.

vijay alapati

I recently installed the HP apps for android and they are working grt,,+L.P.#?t=W251bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLDEsImNvbS5ocC5wcmludGVyY29udHJvbCJd

well everyone has their own requirements 🙂

Sean Royce

Don’t know why you got downvoted, but anyway.