While manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, and Huawei are pushing skins for Android, Acer is determined to head in the other direction and leave Android’s UI alone. Speaking to TechRadar, president of Acer’s global smartphone divison, S T Liew, said that Acer didn’t need to “rewrite Android” because Android does a great job of serving up the right user interface.

“People know Android, they like it, and we don’t want to try and change their behaviour.”

He also added that the fact Acer doesn’t need to add the overhead of making their own UI means that updates are quicker and customer benefit is increased. While their stance on not reworking the entire UI is strong, Acer will continue to enhance certain features of their own devices that they feel can be improved. The camera, note-taking, and multi-tasking are all area where Acer will continue to add their own UI to.

Have Acer struck the perfect balance? We’re not too sure yet. But it’s clear that the other major manufacturers aren’t quite interested in this route just yet — expect TouchWiz, Sense, and Emotion UI to live on a bit longer.

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Good then, now please update my iconia a501 that still stuck with ice cream, should be easy without own UI right? I can’t install custom rom because no driver for windows 8, and too lazy to downgrade just to get the driver works.


I gave up waiting for Acer ages ago for my a501 and went to the Tegraowners website to root and upgrade to 4.2.1. Everything works fine except it only seems to recognise A Telstra sim, which is my network anyway so I didn’t spend any time on a fix for that.


Sorry I meant 4.1.2 works fine for me…4.2 is available from the forum and supposed to be OK but I won’t be able to test that until this weekend on mine.


TouchWiz lasted all of 10 minutes on my G3 – App # 1 was Nova Launcher 🙂

But I am attracted to a clean(ish) version of Android so long as Acer’s hardware ticks the right boxes

Joshua Hill

Kudos Acer. Now all you need to do is release a tablet with better specs than the cheap entry level stuff your peddling.