Whereas the HTC One Mini is basically identical to the HTC One, if these leaked photos are to believed, the Butterfly S looks much more like its predecessor, the Butterfly. The Butterfly S has the front-facing Boomsound speakers and Ultrapixel camera of the One, but rather than a unibody aluminium shell, the body of the device is made from polycarbonate and looks very much like the original Butterfly. Strangely, HTC seems to have foregone their new-fangled two-button arrangement in favour of the traditional three-button configuration seen on HTC’s 2012 phones. All of these changes seem a bit out-of-step for HTC, which suggests that the device shown in the photos could possibly be an early prototype, and not necessarily what the Butterfly S will look like when it’s released.

The phone is said to retain the 5-inch, 1080p display of the original, but adding an SD card and upgrading the Butterfly’s Snapdragon S4 Pro system-on-a-chip to the same Snapdragon 600 used in the One. HTC have an event planned for June 19, at which they’re expected to launch the Butterfly S.

Source: VR Zone.
Via: GSM Arena.
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This is a nice update to Butterfly which suffered from poor battery life. This however is not the rumoured T6 which is the large screen One you describe. They are covering all the bases with a larger T6 potentially coming out soon with a Snapdragon 800. I’d be very interested in upgrading my Note 1 for the T6 if rumours are to be believed, the Butterfly S is not quiet enticing enough. Since I run a reduced CM10.1 based ROM I still find Note fast and fluid. But the hardware benefits of a One in a larger screen would be… Read more »