Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung’s obsession with creating a phone and tablet in every possible size and with every conceivable built in accesory has taken a very curious twist with their announcement of the Galaxy S4 Zoom. The device has a built in 16MP camera with 10 x optical Zoom.

As is evident from the picture, rather than a phone with an average built in camera the device looks more like a digital camera with built in phone functions. How this would work for your average user day to day raised a number of questions. The smiling young lady in Samsung’s video shows clearly that having such an outstanding camera and phone built into a single device brings a never ending source of joy and happiness to your life.

Clearly this cameraphone is aimed at a relatively niche market, but it will no doubt sell reasonable numbers with the Galaxy S4 monniker associated with it. The video seems to aim at showing some “real life” uses for such a device and the ease of functionality of the device, it’s worth the 3 minutes just to satisfy cuirosity.

Does the Galaxy S4 Zoom interest you as a purchase device, or just out of curiosity? Let us know in the comments below.

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My N900 died a few months ago, and because i have an ipad for computer intensive tasks and travel ALOT, i was looking for a good camera phone. I will have to give up my manual keyboard to a virtual one, but finally I can take good photos wherever i go! It might be a niche market, but it is certainly what I was looking for, just when I was looking for it! If it trumps Nokia EOS in picture quality, I will be buying it!


This clip just converted my misses to Android from the dreadful rotten apple!