Google Now Google Doodle
If you’ve loaded up Google Now this morning, you’ve probably noticed a new addition. The top image, which has previously been a fairly generic graphic that may vaguely relate to your location is now mirroring the Google Doodle that is currently on the Google webpage.

As you can see, todays Google Doodle celebrates the 146th birthday of Australian poet Henry Lawson. Clicking on the Google Doodle in Google Now has the same effect as clicking the Doodle on the Google Search webpage, it takes you to the search results for ‘Henry Lawson’s 146th Birthday‘.

The Google Doodle has been available in the US since February, which is when Android Central first reported Google Now began showing the current Google Doodle.

Good to see Australia getting a bit more Google Now interaction, hopefully we can see some more, like Sport scores in the near future. It’s not much but the Google Doodles tend to be pretty cool and as I tend to check Google Now daily it’s good to see this show up.

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    With the way that Google is transferring many features of Android 4.2.2 into Apps, I’m not sure that there will be a 4.3.


    There better be. The performance issues on the Nexus 7 are woeful and extremely frustrating.


    Just stop teasing us and release Android 4.3 good damn it!!! …ahem, er yes. The Google doodle is a nice addition.

    vijay alapati

    nice one, but i dont use google now as it drains my battery :'(