The popular third party twitter client, Falcon Pro has been pulled from the play store by it’s developer Joaquim Verges. In a tweet yesterday, Verges cites that he has pulled the app from the Play Store to prevent new users who won’t fit inside the restrictive 100,000 token limit from purchasing the app and being disappointed.

While he clearly does have plans to return the app to its rightful place in the Google Play Store, it’s out for now while he “works out a strategy” to circumvent the token limit from crippling his app. Only 24 hours ago, an update to the app was pushed out that revoked all tokens and forced users to log in again. This only gave Verges less than 24 hours before Falcon Pro hit the token limit again.

As a user of Falcon Pro, I hold high hopes that soon Twitter will see the light and allow Falcon Pro an extra allotment of tokens but it seems fairly clear from their responses that have been made public they have no plans to do so for any client unless it offers something new and very different to the other clients, specifically the official client that already exist on the play store.

Have you lost out in one of these token resets and no longer able to use the app you paid for? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Falcon Pro Twitter.
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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I really don’t understand why Twitter are being such greedy cunts. It’s a social networking application for fuck sake. I don’t even use Twitter either. This is just illogical.




    Yep, I use this app. Love it. I missed out on a token once my phone updated to the latest version. A quick email abs a link to tool back the previous version and it is fixed….for now.

    It’s a real pity that Joaquim can’t grow his great product.


    Wow this one app gets SOOOOO much publicity.
    Twitting is for Twitts


    ^ a measured, informed contribution.

    Eng Nuth

    I used to think Twitter was for twits, until…..
    Google announced that it was shutting down Reader…sonova…
    tried alternative RSS feed services.. none any way near as good as Reader.
    Twitter was the next best thing that I found (all websites nowadays have a twitter feed)