Samsung‘s internal security has held true to its usual standard – we’re starting to see leak after leak revealing specs and information about the all-but confirmed Samsung Galaxy Note 3, expected to launch at IFA Berlin later this year.

In the latest leak, Japanese blog TechKiddy has posted images from a Chinese blog (which we couldn’t access). We can see that the device that looks very similar to the recently launched Galaxy S4.

Galaxy Note 3

While it looks similar to the Galaxy S4, a couple of important differences should be pointed out.

First, the power button is roughly in the center of the right side – closer to its position on the Galaxy Mega, a device of similar proportions. Second, the Galaxy S4’s home button is nearly flush with the front of the device, where this one appears to protrude a little more – this is in line with previous Note devices. Finally, the handset appears to be slimmer, with a smaller bezel than its predecessors.

It’s going to be a long wait until IFA, and we’ll almost certainly see more leaks. Until then, you’ll find more information and a summary of the leaks to-date at TechKiddy.

Are you looking forward to the Galaxy Note 3? Let us know what your next device will be in the comments below.

Source: TechKiddy.
Via: Ameblo Japan.
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I have no faith in any leaks atm with all the various samsung galaxy variants it could be a mega or whatever the other was, could be painted could be anything. Id have thought the top of the phone to be slimmer too tbh. Much like s3 to s4 approx same dimensions, but more screen.