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Nexus 10 Covers
After going on-sale in the US in April, it appears Australian Nexus 10 owners are now able to order the Nexus 10 Cover directly from Google Play. The cover which is available in Dark Grey or Scarlet, will set you back $39.95 + a $10.95 shipping fee, which estimates delivery in 2-7 business days.

Google Play Description

Designed specifically for the Nexus 10, the Book Cover attaches directly to your device for an ultra-slim fit. With rounded corners and a matte finish, this thin, durable cover protects the screen without adding bulk. Open the stylish Book Cover to automatically wake your Nexus 10; close it to put your device to sleep.
254(L) x 178(W) mm

Still no sign of the other accessory I’m still waiting to get my hands on – the Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb, but the fact that Google has made the Nexus 10 covers available means that I can still hold out hope.

Will you order a Nexus 10 cover? Which Colour?

Source: Dark GreyScarlet.
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I just bought one on eBay on Sunday because I got sick of waiting.
Luckily I only paid $49.95 for it and not the $110 I have seen other people selling them for.

Alexei Watson

“still waiting to get my hands on – the Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb”

Just don’t. Colleague at work got one for his desk, paid a bomb for it. it sucks. the rubber ring just isn’t grippy enough, so the phone slips off after only a minute or so. he has to prop it up with a book so it’s less angled for the phone to remain on charge.


That sounds bad. Shame, cos it looks good.

I have the original LG wireless charging mat (WCP-700) and although it doesnt look as smart as the orb, it works perfectly*. I recommend it if you can find one still for sale.

* i had to bend the US pins to fit in the aussie socket, and remove the annoying beeping speaker.