Did you ever want the Sony Xperia Z except a little larger? Or perhaps the Samsung Galaxy Note II except with Sony’s charm and elegance? Well your time has come. Sony have unveiled the Xperia Z Ultra, and no, it’s not just an overclocked Xperia Z. It’s a 6.4-inch super phone — yes, it’s a phone, not a tablet — with a 1080p Reality Display, along with a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage.

It’s amazingly only 6.5mm in thickness and weighs 212 grams. Inside you’ll find a 3000mAh battery, microSD slot, and an 8MP camera. Sony is adamant that this can be used with one hand as it’s the size of a passport. We don’t think one-handed use is at all a viable option; even the video below shows it being used with two hands. The Xperia Z Ultra is waterproof and dust-resistant just to add dot points to the impressive list of specs.

So when can you get your hands on the Xperia Z Ultra? Who knows. Sony haven’t got any regional availability information at the moment, let alone a price. We can’t wait to find out just how feasible a device this size is. What do you guys think?

Via: The Verge.
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vijay alapati

sony has released 4.2 for xperia z for Hongkong and other countries…..updated and looks good so far, still lot of scope for improvement though …


Looks nice but, I reckon the not 3 will be the way to go.


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Hmm, I like that function with the pencil, very practical.


i just got the galaxy s4 outright no less than 4 weeks ago and now sony made this sigh cant get it till my plan expires nxt yr


This only makes me want an 8″ Xperia tablet even more. Make it happen Sony!

vijay alapati


Mr C

Did anybody in the video actually make a call with it? I want to see how big it is against someone’s head!


I’ll still wait for a Note 3, or Mega, but it’s good that Samsung has some competition at this end of the market.

Matt Booth

No IR blaster, no camera flash whaaaaat. Could have been a great phone

Sean Royce

Bit late to comment, but it’s quite odd that it has no camera flash. IR blaster I could care less about.

Geoff Fieldew

Strewth, what a beast!


I. Want. It.


Impressive! A bit too big for my likes but still great.


Hmm, I like that function with the pencil, very practical.