Monday , May 21 2018

CyanogenMod adds mini-camera tile to notification quick settings

CyanogenMod has a reputation for being one of the best custom ROMs available for Android devices, and a big part of that is the fantastic and innovative features they’ve come up with over the years. The latest from the lab – a quick settings tile that lets you take a photo directly from the quick settings pulldown without having to launch the camera application.

CyanogenMod developer Nebojsa Cvetkovic posted a video of the feature in action, so let’s take a look:

No word as yet on when this will make it into nightly builds, but the CyanogenMod guys usually have a pretty quick turnaround, so if it’s not up already, it will likely make its way across in the next few days.

Source: Google Plus.

James Finnigan  

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2 Comments on "CyanogenMod adds mini-camera tile to notification quick settings"

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Valued Guest

Brilliant idea, let’s hope the big companies copy it like they have a number of cyanogen’s other inspired ideas

Iman Kareem
Valued Guest
Iman Kareem

lag lol

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